How to Be a Spiritual Gangster like Cathy!?! Day 68

My friend Cathy shared the most lovely story I’ve heard in a while with me on Monday.  She was at our Spot having coffee…and a well dressed, clean, but homeless man was asking customers for spare change.  
In these hard financial times it is no surprise”(
Still what happen next she felt so blessed to witness and so she shared as I am compelled to now.

Another man offered to buy him breakfast, ushered this gentleman in to the shop, introduced him to the cashier as his friend and said he’d be treating him to breakfast this am”)

The man graciously ordered a bagel and drink. Then thanked the new friend.  She(Cathy) could tell he felt proud to be acknowledged with such kindness and was very grateful for the meal.

This simple act of human decency impacted Cathy so much in that moment, she later thanked the man who helped just for being able to witness it!

I LOVED this story!  It reminded me a real life version of those great Liberty Mutual commercials where there is a ripple effect of kindness(Karma if ya will)

Day 68 
Share Your New Positive Attitude with Others Facing Challenges…With GRACE… for One Never Knows the Battles they Are Fighting Within

This simple story is a reminder to us that just witnessing a good deed is enough to make ya feel amazing!

1. Help a Stranger Today!
Hold a door, buy the next guy in line coffee, help a single parent, buy a homeless person a meal or a coat.

2. Be a Receiver: Like Cathy!  She only witnessed this because her eyes are open…She is the kind of Spiritual Gangster that would buy breakfast for that man too(when she thinks no one is looking)
There are many opportunities to give  freely in this world…seek them!

3. Thank others who do these kind deeds when ya see them…God knows we need more of them and they should be noticed!!! 


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