Believe the BEST is yet to come!!! Day 69

Day 69 Believe the BEST is yet to Come!!!

I’ve enjoyed the last few days of facing challenges head on.  And today is a big one for me.

Today I am flying to New Orleans.  Did I mention I HATE flying!!! Especially alone! The nausea and dizziness started yesterday I am embarrassed to say.  
It took lots of Positive self talk, hugs from Sher and breakfast with the girls to calm me…and now as I wait…I am forced to face my fears again.

Logic is the only cure here??  I know planes are way safer then cars. I know Sher and Tommy will more than likely be fine when I get back. I know I will have a short, but sweet trip! 
So why all the fuss?? Logic is never really my focus.

What now?
When facing big challenges…I find faith is better. 

Day 69.  Believe the best is yet to come.

My positive attitude affords me this luxury daily now.  I do believe each day is getting better, I am getting better, and because I believe I can breathe easier.

1. Focus on what ya have to look forward to in the near future.

2. List your next 5 fun activities.

We can do anything we put our heart and mind into.

2 thoughts on “Believe the BEST is yet to come!!! Day 69

  1. Think about eating a beignet, zipping around New Orleans in your rental car, seeing old friends and family…You are the queen of no pain, no gain so suck it up, up and away!
    It’s always anxiety provoking to leave everything that makes you YOU but so liberating and it’ll all be waiting for you. xx

  2. Maybe you can do one of your positive activities on the plane. I love long flights (even though I realize this one is short) because I’m forced to slow down which means I can read. You can use this time to your advantage.

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