100 days of Positive Activitites: Section 7: Day 70 Be Honest and Kind

Ok, so I am LOVING  receivingproject.com  it is a must try free 32 day project…thanx Jo Anna…what a light ya are!

Thanks to my receiving practice, Yesterday’s flight was wonderful!!!
No anxiety, no stress, and no wonder I love receiving!

I got a front row seat(hello, leg room!”), made a new friend(who occupied me the duration of the flight…more on Ethel soon) and even got the flight attendant to put my luggage upfront with hers”)
Positive Attitude alters everything for the better! I promise, Try it!

Today we start our next section: Embracing Our Truth! Section 7

Day 70 Be Honest and Kind

I love my yoga practice…I got right off the plane and into the ashram yesterday.  The class hit the spot after being trapped in an airplane seat for 2 hours.  I got so relaxed, I put on another students sandals and almost committed a theft (hehe) now that is relaxed!!! Embarrassing, but if ya can’t make a mistake in an ashram? Then where? No body’s perfect”)

Ahimsa (no harming) is taught before Satya (no falsehood) when we teach the yoga yamas for a reason.  
We should never use the truth to harm…especially when we are talking about the self.  Being honest doesn’t mean being unkind.  

1. Speak your truth with kind words. Try to rephrase any judgements or concerns about yourself. Reminding yourself we are all works in progress…Growth, not perfection  is the goal”)

2. Write a love letter to yourself. Address it, mail from the post office (seriously)

3. Look in your friendship mirror…the people ya love most are a reflection of your truth…we gravitate toward people of like minds…if ya can’t find your own truth…see theirs!
(so blessed here: thanks to:  
Stephi, Cathy, Asia, Claudia, Arlene, Jessica squared”) Patzi, Erin, Judy, Christina, Adrianna, Evelyne, Morgan, Monique…sorry if I missed someone!!!love ya all)


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