Day 71…Putting 1st Things 1st!

Wow 71 Days in?!?
I tried on a few occasions to blog on the regular…but when I started committing to challenges…the attitude diet, the 3Ps Project, 100 days of positive activities…it all became so easy, focused and fun.

In this section we are embracing our own personal truths.  Scary and enlightening! 

Yesterday I committed to trying to receive 60 things…I got somewhere near 45(I’ll take it!) 
I had the pleasure of sharing lunch and dinner with two gorgeous woman…Natashi and my lil sister Ruby”) All in all an amazing day!

Today I threw my lil sister a baby shower.  Seeing her so happy was the highlight of my trip to La”) 
Now, I can’t wait to get home!! 

My intention was to workout everyday I was here…today I just couldn’t fit it in…so I took a day off…my 3rd this week”( 
I’d of given up 2 more if needed to make Marietta’s Shower perfect!”)

Day 71
Put 1st things 1st!

1. Set priorities to achieve a balanced way of life.

2. Ask yourself what matters most for today.

Remember there isn’t always time to do everything we want, and that is ok”)


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