Day 72…Choose Glass Half Full!!!

It’s three in the morning!!! And yes I’m up(actually 4am my time?!?)either way sooooooooooo early!    
I have been staying with my parents in La and Jack(my brother…or my mom’s boxer) depending on how ya look at it…he’s 14 this year!  He has had an amazingly happy long life and now feebly walks about like a grandpa.  He woke me with his cries this am”( I think he was just cold?!? 

So I put him on a blanket in the kitchen and stayed there on the floor until he fell asleep.  “) It’s really no bother…I catch my flight in 3 hours”)

I know it’s a hard/heavy topic, but as we near the anniversary of Ry’s passing and I see Jack aging I can’t help, but think about DEATH.  Owning our truth is truly eye opening when faced with the seeming permanence of DEATH.

Most of us are familiar with customs of grieving…but celebrating is what I
have found actually heels.  My experiences with death in my youth…losing Jayanne (my 3rd grade bestie) and Paw Paw to cancer were hard, sad and very enlightening for me.

I am in no way a religious person…I am however a spiritual person and I find it to be comforting to have belief in something greater than us.
Still, that belief was never the answer to the pain death brought for me, but celebrating that person’s/animal’s life was!

Death is not something we are ever prepared for…but in my mind it is also not an end.
Ryan (my 1st true love) was killed in Iraq in 2005.  (the ultimate sacrifice) It has been 6 years?!? Nov 6th…And in-spite of having found love again(I am so lucky!) I try to celebrate him in someway daily…as I know he’d of done the same for me.   
I am not trying to say joy is the answer to all suffering…but the glass of life is half-full or half-empty depending on how ya see it?! 
Yes, Again I point out attitude is a CHOICE!!!!!!!

It takes some time…when Ry died…for the 1st month(3-4) I thought I might too.(I recently learned…some of my family was terrified for me as well!) That is not what he would of wanted for me!!! It is not what I wanted for myself or his memory!!!

Day 72
Be Glass Half Full in the Best and Worst of Times 

1. Life is going to challenge us.  Adversity is what allows us to grow.
How have you grown in the last few years? Are ya divorced? Did someone ya love leave this world?
Be grateful for these obstacles! 
Write about the growth…see the loss as a gift. There is some good in ALL things!

As I look back I see how negative and self involved I was before I lost Ryan…he was my best friend…now he is my angel…my light in dark moments…my inspiration to soak up all that’s left in the glass!

Never let loss equal more loss!


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