Day 74…Can I share what I know with ya young ladies??

Embracing our inner truths take time, patience and courage! Hang in there only 25 positive days to go!

When I was a teenager until about 25ish I was so clueless…I cared so much about others(way more than myself), I thought their needs, and concerns meant more, and sadly I often let them define me.?
Oh, Ursula…the new u is so much better!!!
I was a talented artist, a yogini, a wonderful friend and listener, and so much more…But I couldn’t see it!!!

This morning as I chatted with a gorgeous young friend of mine I realized that this faze of my life was not necessary.  I wanted to help her learn from my awkward moments! 

I should of listened to older friends wisdom…I defiantly thought learning the HARD way was the only way?!? Now I see the wasted energy!
I should of exercised-like I do now!
I should of loved myself-like I do now!
I should of realized this too shall pass-like I do now!

My blessings were there then too…but my thinking was too unhealthy to see them?!? 
I cant change my past…I can merely inspire others to get it at a younger age”)

Day 74. Let Go of the Past…Live for Now!

We’ve all done stupid shit in the past.
I married a jerk at 17, allowed drama and worry to take years from me, and …
Who cares…I learned lessons.  Now I am married to a wonderful guy, and am almost worry free…and Drama? What Drama? Life is so short…I just want to live smiling, laughing(even at myself) and knowing I choose what happens!

1. List 25 of the attributes that make you special just as ya are.

2. List 10 emotions(grudges, etc) y’all let go of now!

3. Remember that person that hurt ya in the past? Say a prayer/meditate for them…they are weak(not u)

Remember “to hold a grudge is to drink poison and expect someone else to die!?!”

Be above the drama and worry today, each day is a gift!


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