How to Beat a Case of Uglies: Day 76

Fighting the Inner Uglies: Day 76

Sometimes really embracing the truth means acknowledging the worst in ourselves…I am not proud to admit it, but I have inner Uglies!
They suck…literally…they suck the life from me! They are a total waste of energy…and I know it!!!

Things that I feel or think, and try to refrain from saying out loud!!! Ugly things!
My closet friends giggle over how judgmental I can be…in this terrible frame of mind…not funny really…a truth I have to face.  

I’d love to blame my upbringing…I can’t, I never heard my parents talking about others poor decisions, failed endeavors, nitwitted comments, etc.
I am not a gossip, I simply use the wrong tools sometimes to express that I am concerned about the moral state of the world around me(not an excuse!)
And throwing an occasional internal temper tantrum!!! Oh…so much worse!

Mostly, I call on the yogini in me to be calm and empathetic. Still if ya cross someone I love or try me…watch out; I am still human. At times I find it hard (just like everyone else) to keep these Uglies under wraps.  
This week is becoming a special challenge…I find little things this week are driving me to major stress…Sunday is the anniversary of Ryan’s death and although I am excited to run my 1/2…my insides are stirring with Uglies…
I hate it, it’s my truth right now! 
My patience is pretty much gone…and it’s only Thursday!
Oh, my! 

Day 76 Fight the Inner Uglies to The Death!

When we beat ourselves up for our short comings we give the Uglies more power?!? Took a long break from your workout goals? Holding a grudge? Over filling your plate and regretting not saying NO?

1. Remind yourself these negative thoughts are ok as long as we keep them to ourselves as often as we can(or share only with people who know this is a teeny tiny part of u) not the real u!
Take a time out! Spending time alone is a good way to regroup and keep from lashing out.
Today meditate alone for at least 20 mins. Relax, Reflect
and Repeat when needed.

2. Journal. It is cathartic and will definitely help lighten the mental load.

3. Press the restart button!
Whatever your ugly…ya have the power to start a new”)


One thought on “How to Beat a Case of Uglies: Day 76

  1. Keep ur head up Ursula, I think its great that your doing something so courages on the anniversary of ryans death, it reminds others in a way how courageous he was fighting for our country in lou of his own life. I think its a great way to celebrate his life on that day instead of look at the day as a loss. Love ya xo!

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