I Should HAVE Listened to My Mother!! Day 76

I am a RUNNER?!?

It took 15yrs of coaxing, but I now understand…some of us just are! We need it; whether we love it, or not.  Since we’re being honest: I’ll tell ya it started out about weigh-loss, vanity, and wanting my thighs not to touch(lol) Now it’s all about my mood, sanity and attitude.  And anytime I try to think otherwise and take to many days off, well, ya read it yesterday it’s UGLY!

For those of ya who think you’re not… I challenge you…when you’re angry, sad or at your wits end…find open road, a field, a beach even a dread-mill and go!  The serotonin boost is unlike anything big pharma can create!!! (just make sure ya have good shoes!)

Whether ya run a 1/2 mile or a 1/2 marathon…you are a runner!

On that note some people aren’t…and that is ok…but at least try it(or move in another way!)
Swim, Bike, Jump, etc…(keyword Cardio)

Day 76 Find an Outlet.

No we are plugging in electronics!  We are looking for positive energy for a positive attitude.  Physical exercise is a necessary part of a positive attitude.  I was almost 210 lbs before I came to this truth?!?

All I can say is a wish I’d listened to my mom on this one”)!!!!

1. Challenge yourself with physical activity! Today do 30-45 min of cardio. If you are new to this it will be hard…use your mind to get ya through it…it will tire before your body…don’t finish then…finish when you are done!!! Enlist a team mate if ya need!

2. You will induce about 2 hrs of super feel good endorphins”) Use those post cardio hours to tackle hard tasks…they will be easier! 
By the end of this day: ACCOMPLISHMENT and UNSTOPPABLE is how y’all feel!

3. As I have said many times before…I resisted!!!  Be honest with yourself! Don’t be afraid to be a better version of you!!!
Mark 3 more cardio days in your calendar this week! Commit to yourself and your mental/physical health! Try a million things if ya need until something sticks!

Love yourself MORE!!!


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