20 Days Left of Positive Activities!!! Set Some Goals with Us! Change your Life!!!

Reflecting on sections 1-4 got me thinking about all the goals we set! Did ya reach them? Are ya still pushing forward?!? I am!!! We have come such a long way!!
I can’t wait to see another finish line!!! Only 20 days to go?!?
Keep thinking positive…Keep Moving and y’all KeepSkinny!

Yesterday was the 6 year anniversary of Ryan’s death…I ran my 1/2 marathon in his memory. He would of probably thought
the distance mad, but been proud anyway. It was a definite challenge…but honestly not as hard as I thought.

Now that the training is complete…I am eager to set a goal
for a better time on my next one.  Achieving a goal should be noted…Always! 
I am a firm believer in setting the next goal quickly…to stay on track”)

If my years of being FAT taught me anything…it’s that forward movement is necessary in all aspects of life!!!

Day 79 Build on Achieved Goals

1. Plan and Complete one fitness, home and personal goal this week.

I want to run an 8 minute mile…just one for now”)
I want to get my home office totally under control(hopefully with Stephi’s help!)
I want to create a real fall schedule I can stick with…as I am getting sooooo busy”)

2. Give these goals a one week timeline and build on them!

I will can’t wait to get my run time down with speed work.
My life and schedule will be so much better once my home is organized!”)

Tomorrow begins our second to last section…I am sad and happy to see the end coming”)


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