Want A More Positive Attitude…Get FIT!!! Day 80

Some days are just too long!!! Like Tuesdays…I have lots of cooking to do on Tuesdays…so an am workout is just never in the cards! I am up and out by 6am”)

Day 80 Stay Fit When You Are Busy!

I am normally an advocate for early workouts…get it done…and the rest of the day is heaven! On Tuesdays, I  become aware it is not always an option.  There is always a way to squeeze something in!!!!!!!!!!

3 quick fixes:
1. Random acts of Exercise: drop and do push ups, jumping jacks, etc…wherever ya are… all day”)
2. PM Cardio…today I get off at 4:30pm…I am all set to run…clothes and shoes packed…run and then relax”)
3. Plan and play a team sport with friends after work”)

Believe me I have used and heard every EXCUSE in the book.  
Got kids: play red light, green light…race…etc.
A baby: jog stroller, or mommy and me yoga
Sad: well FUCKING move…it will boost serotonin!!!

Exercise is important to health and positive attitude…it is almost THE most important thing!

I look forward to helping inspire y’all to get ya some…FITNESS FUN in this section!

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