30% Gym 70% Diet(what ya eat!) It’s that SIMPLE! Day 81

He who takes medicine and neglects diet wastes the time of his doctor.(and himself…I add!)
-Chinese Proverb

Day 81.  30% gym 70% diet!

I watched Forks Over Knives for the 4th time last night.  It is important to me to remember health statistics…I want to be present and mindful when planning my fuel. And I hope to inspire others to see food is our medicine”)

Don’t misunderstand…crappy junk food can not fill emotional gaps!!
I’ll say it again”you are not your dog, don’t reward yourself with food!!!”

But there is a natural cure in foods…I eat cherries and beets for inflammation reduction…for instance.

I hit the street last night for a late night test drive of my new sneakers”) It was great to feel strong enough to get right back to it…after running my 1st 1/2 marathon on Sunday…my body is recovering so quickly these days!

I owe all the credit to eating a clean whole food plant based diet. 

I realize this section is about fitness(moving)…but cars don’t go without Fuel!!! Neither do BODIES!(duh!)

1. So, 1st I recommend y’all at least watch this documentary…it is life changing, planet changing even!!! 
The science is remarkable!

2. Don’t get overwhelmed…try a meatless Monday…or veggie taco Tuesday…baby steps…if ya need…but for the love of yourself cut out high fructose corn-syrup, artificial colors/flavors and partially hydrogenated oil!!!

3. Journal…whenever ya Start a lifestyle change(not a DIEt!) ya should know how ya are feeling.
It’s simple…
I Ate…
I Felt…

I once thought I’d die without cheese!
Now I have it maybe once every few months…I can honestly say I don’t miss it…so whatever your thinking ya NEED…let it go…take a deep breath and prepare to feel AMAZING!!!!


One thought on “30% Gym 70% Diet(what ya eat!) It’s that SIMPLE! Day 81

  1. Great post! Adding to #2 – Reduce and/or cut the sugar. Instead eat foods that are naturally sweet rather than processed sugar. Think whole foods rather than processed foods. When I was grocery shopping recently, I had a chat with the guy taking care of the dairy aisle. He commented how people just assume these days that processed foods are “real” food. Just because it’s has a certain label doesn’t mean it hasn’t been overly processed or is good for you… You are so right about how healthy foods assist the body with healing, stamina and staying fit, physically and mentally!

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