Chocolate Cake for Breakfast?!? WTF…Day 82!

It has been my experience as a personal trainer, yoga instructor, and chef (I am certified in each area)that the average American wants a quick fix when it comes to weight loss.”( Sad, and even Life Threatening! 
If ya learn anything from this section: Please understand Yo-yo dieting is worse than being overweight!

I can admit there was a period before I came to sound eating and exercise(before I read and got certified) that I tried quick fixes…miracle vitamins, magic juicing fasts and infomercial fitness equipment…oy…I was a dumb-ass! (harsh but true)
In this case-ignorance is not bliss-it’s potentially years off my life!!!
(If it was that simple the whole world would look like LL Cool J or Jillian Michaels!)

Day 82.  Commit to being HONEST about health and fitness…Educate, Evaluate, and Exercise!!!

Don’t just take the word of the cute people in your gym…research things YOURSELF…or seek out professionals with REAL credentials”)

One can’t eat chocolate cake for breakfast, fast food for lunch, then run 6 miles and expect to have a rocking body?? Or a sound mind?? 
No, I am not saying ya have to give up cake for life…or beer<3… Or whatever…that said…
Remember in the beginning we are rewiring impulses") help yourself have self control, by cheating sparingly")

Everything we put into our body should support our fitness goals and feed our brains") and this behavior will change your attitude for the better…I promise everyday ya give the effort y'all become a better you!!!

1. Take a few minutes to remember how you felt before ya took up healthy eating and exercise.

Ahh! Enough…I never want to feel or look like that again!!!!

2. Think before ya give up meals for drinks!!! 
If it sounds to good to be true…well, duh! It is!   We need balanced amounts of protein, Carbs and fat…fruit and veg alone(just juicing), supplement shake fasts and vitamin drinks… leave out 2 of these things usually… And vitamins are not always absorbed…food is necessary fuel-Don't fear it!! Enjoy it!!
This type of deprivation can lead to muscle-loss(bummer),
blackouts(scary) and actually cause weight gain as your body goes into
a natural survivor mode(bc it thinks you are starving?!)
If ya want to get the most out of a workout FUEL is essential!!!
PS…I love Starbucks, etc…but lattes are not meal replacements either…ENjOY breakfast daily!

3. Reach out for help when needed!

I remember weighting 200 lbs…having coffee drinks for breakfast, skipping lunch to cut calories…thinking running was too HARD…did I mention
That Ursula was a Dumb ass!!!

Don't be embarrassed if ya can't go it alone! Ask for help! Hire a trainer, a licensed nutritionist/dietician, or enlist a friend to lovingly nudge ya along!

We all need help sometimes…the end results are worth the ASK!


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