Music Motivates! Day 83

Day 83
Let music inspire ya to move!

I think nothing helps more than positive thinking when ya are trying to run faster, lift heavier, balance easier…but a rockin play list is a close 2nd!

Today I am a little under the weather…so it has become my off day.  To stay inspired and motivated  I am gonna update my playlists”)

1. A playlist for days ya feel positive and amped…just to keep the good vibes going.
Mine includes: H.A.M. , Going Under, and Dog Days Are Over

2. A mellow playlist for yoga or long slow runs.
Mine includes: Amber, Be Still and 32 Flavors

3. A “I don’t want to” playlist…these should be your favorite and most inspired songs!
Mine includes: Fast Lane, Gone, and
Drop the World

Keep Rockin, Movin and y’all be sure to KeepSkinny”)


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