Positive People Dance!!! Days 84-85

Days 84 and 85!

Day 84 Dance!

It’s the freaking weekend! Yay? I’m still a little sick…skipping ballet”( again…bummer! Hope to go Tuesday for make up”) 
Dance is great exercise…so get to a club(no not my vibe, but a great calorie buster), a lesson(ballet is a butt kicker”) or even Zumba?!?(if classes are your bag”)

Dance also makes for great attitude boosting…it’s hard to twirl about and shake it with a frowny face!

1. Today Dance And shake those calories away!!!

Day 85 Make it a Daily Habit!

The last 6 days or so have been all about exercise, eating for health and loving yourself enough to do both properly.  Now it’s time to commit to stick with it regularly.
If I am up to it I hope to be going to a new yoga class on Sunday.  I usually wouldn’t add in more yoga…Cardio is kind of my thing if I am not teaching”) 
It’s good to mix it up a little…shock your body!  

1. Exercise Daily! Cardio, Stretching and weights are all
essential(not necessary to do all in one day”)

2. Make sure your calories reflect your workout. This does not mean
 more workouts if ya eat donuts, or less food if ya have a beer or 3…lol
It’s all about good balance!!! If ya normally run and yoga
in one day; like me…plan your meals (especially Carbs/Protein accordingly)…I never worry about getting enough fat…hehe!
Nothing is worse than over doing it and losing muscle”(

3. Try one new thing monthly…to shock your body.
Last Month I added in swimming laps weekly…love how my arms are looking because of it. In Sept I started Hannibal workouts…and I love the strength I’m gaining!!!
And this month a friend and I are working out with a boxing trainer”)

Keep Moving to Keep Positive…See ya in Section 9 on Monday”)


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