“JUST LIVE NOW” unplugging Day 86

Day 86: Section 9…Just Live Now!

My little sister had a baby Saturday night…he was early…very early”)
I could not be happier for her and her husband.  
As I ran this morning(7 miles) I planned my trip, my day and most of my week?!? I felt removed from my run?!?
It has me thinking a lot about timing, planning and scheduling…all helpful…but sometimes life is just wonderfully unexpected!  Like my new nephew’s arrival! Worse, if we don’t stay present sometimes these surprise moments are small and we miss them.

These last 32 days of the following receivingproject.com have been wonderfully unexpected.  I was focused on living in the now, receiving only Positives, and doing it all for myself!  I remained pretty open…but it’s time to push the ahead a lone…ahh! 
I wanted to experience this end in order to better prepare us for 14 days from now when our attitude is our own again”) Not to worry…This 100 days was all about preparing for a time when the rewiring is complete!


1. Un Plug- with the exception on this blog…(and work emails) will be spending the next 10 days detached from technology”) I have been waiting for this day”)woohoo!

Limit tv, cell phones, and all electronics as much as possible!!!

Imagine all the discoveries, joys and relaxation yall receive from just this task!

2. Plug in to the here and now!
Spend time on important things! I can’t wait to meet my nephew when he gets home”) 

Engage those ya are with this week! Spend time at home…reconnect with family, and yourself…there will be tons of holiday socials in the next 39 days after we reflect for 10″)

3. Spend a few days reflecting on true meaning of your upcoming holidays…don’t shop, stress or plan…think about past celebrations, loved ones and your personal values.

Write a list of personal values on day 10(don’t worry I’ll remind us!)

This Section days 87-96 will be quotes to help us reflect and 1 non tech task”)


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