Day 96…Live Your Values and Positivity Is Easy!

Ok, so 10 days on a tech diet and I learned a lot.
1. I don’t love or miss FB, but Cathy Rosenberg, Jessica Rosario, Christina Moccio, Misty, Asia, Hope…the list goes on and on…
2. Media adds to anxieties, less is so calming…
3. A break is never a bad idea!!!

Day 96 Live by your Values!

Reminder: day 10 of Section 9 has arrived…only 4 days to go…

List the 10 things you value in life!

1. Life(animals included)
2. My family(siblings, parents, Sher and Tommy)
3. Honesty
4. Preserving The Earth
5. The Arts
6. My Friends(mutual respect)
7. Authentic: Mexican Food, People,Thift Shops and Yoga
8. Physical Bodies(health and fitness)
9. Open Minds and Hearts
10. Time(making every moment count”)


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