I’m Going Through Changes Day 97

Face Change! Day 97

I have been debating painting and redecorating my office.  It’s a change, but a small one; I think it could add calm and new color to my world. Small changes are usually cool…
Big changes: moving, starting a new job, starting a family…etc…seem to lead many of us to stress out…
Not as cool?!?
Well, I think these changes can be pretty cool too…if we keep positive. My attitude activities have changed my marriage, friendship and mood all for the better! Just by remaining open I am receiving these changes as sheer joy!!!
The world is constantly changing! So are we…
I used to be fat, want to be a pharmacist??, and loved hot pink!!
Now I am getting cut(<3 my muscles)a runner, a yogi, I'm a chef/fitness teacher, and well these days I love shades of blue")

Day 97 Decide to Face Change")

1. Make peace with change as it's happening…look for the ways it can be happy!!!

2. List 3 positive changes like mine above.

3. Make small changes to see ya have some control of this natural process.

What a journey we have been on…Only 3 days to go…WOW!

I can't wait to share what's next…I have some fun fitness surprises up my sleeve") And Stephi is planning to have us follow 100 days of something wonderful too!


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