The Joy of a Finish Line!!! Day 100

Day 100…Keep up…Keep Skinny!

As I reflected on this last 100 days: I am shocked, amazed and proud of how far we all have come!

The shared drive; (ty Stephi) along with, which I highly recommend as a supplement to this 100 days…well, if ya want/need change…follow a program like this fully with your whole heart and watch life get AWESOME!!!(proof: yay! Asia and Claudia!)

In 100 days I have run a half marathon(rip Ryan<3) got 6 new clients,(Ty universe) booked 8 parties, 2 new classes, started my home brewery, (ty Stephi amd FredFlare) painted at least 50 pieces,(26 for Mathieu) made old friends new,(<3 asia, jess squared, natashi, christina) new friends that count,(<3 Cathy, Rachael, Aline, Judith) lost baggage, swam laps, did/taught yoga, created new recipes, became an aunt, gone to ballet, boxing, bought a paddle board, did yoga on my paddle board, fed people, became a vegan(ish), saved a life, taught a child, read a book, read 12 magazines, gone to the grocery, done a ton of laundry, smiled, had Sushi with my Wifie, been to beach with my Sher, laughed,been to breakfast club, adopted two elephants, inspired, dreamt and…and…and…it would take too long to list all the ways I remained 99% positive!

Wow!  Thank ya Universe may I have more! Lots More!
Thanks to Sher, My Family, Tommy, My Friends and Me life is BEAUTIFUL!

Attitude is EVERYTHING! Your life is what ya believe it is!!!!
I promise if ya put effort into programs like this ya will reap rewards…so many!!!

And so it Ends…


Next up!!!! Join us!!!
Never Give Up!

Winter Keep Your Energy Up BLAST!

3 parts starting tomorrow:
1. 30 Days of Get UPs!!!
Exercise is essential!

2. 30 Days of Not Your MaMa’s Kitchen!!!
Fuel your best life!

3. 30 Days of Self Love!!!
We attract that which we are!

Congrats on 100 days of Positive Attitude Activities!!!
Everytime I finish a longer race I am so proud to cross that finishline. These challenges build character and drive. Each of us has the potential for greatness…attitude is the 90% we make of the 10% that happens to us! Ya are a finisher and no one can take progress from ya!

Be the change…
Keep up…Keep Skinny!!!


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