15 min Energy Blast Workout 1…How many sets did ya squeeze in???

Winter can be a whirlwind of emotions…joyous: holidays, food, family and fun…
Exhausting: shopping, cooking, parties, resolutions, DIEts…
Alas it can be tiring just to think about all this stuff!

I think we need to ban together, build energy and make Winter a Blast!

And so we begin AGAIN!

The next 90 days are going to blow by…whether we like it or not!
Join me in practicing 30-30-30.

What is 30-30-30??
A fun way to survive
Winter and  Keep Your Energy Up!

3 parts: do one 30 day set or do them all!!!

# 1. 30 Days of Get UPs!!!
Exercise is essential! 

Exercise boosts serotonin levels allowing us to balance our mood, 
it relieves stress, and if done regularly it gives ya crazy energy…better than any red bull, coffee or monster cola!!!

Take it from someone who learns it all the hard way…me!
Before I started regular cardio, boxed, danced, etc…I was always tired, often sad, had millions of mystery illnesses…I could go on…but if you’re here ya get my drift, depressing…So moving right along…
Cardio can save your health and your mind all while giving ya amazing energy”) SWEET!!!!

Today let’s strike soMe poses! Let’s get moving”)
Do whatever it takes cram it in!!!!
15 Min Energy Blast

1 Giant Stretch to the Sky
25 Jumping Jacks
Cross your Room and Back in Walking lunges
20 push ups(even if they are from your knees!!!)
Plank hold (count to 30 with Mississippi in the middle”)
Finish with Down Dog (hold 1 min)

Let the day begin with Power,Pride, and Positivity!!! Now we’re Keeping Skinny!


We all have 15 mins…what do ya have to loose??
How many sets can ya do in 15 min??

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