I Once Was Lost…But Now I’m Found…Day 2 Winter Energy Blast!!!


I so used to HATE cardio???
It’s hard! It takes time I sometimes don’t have…if there is an excuse I have used it…
ALL I was doing was cheating myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What was I thinking…I am embarrassed to admit I once thought anti-depressants and sedatives would fix all my physical, mental and emotional imbalances???
Quick Fix=o Ursula=o

Those I have learned should be a last resort.  Moving can save your life…and in my case your sanity.
I started out little by little. It was hard at first…I was sweaty, soar and overwhelmed! 
Now, I can’t imagine what took me so long???
Cardio=10 Ursula=11

Remember all things worth having are worth working for…this builds us: pride, humility, determination, dedication…I love seeing myself this way now!! Hello, FOCUS!
You can have all these qualities TOO!!!

I have great strength to show for all that work…physical and mental. It is so WORTH IT!

Do yourself a favor!!! Use Cardio in times of anger, stress and anxiety.
My hubby and I have a rule that if we’re stressed and ready to argue…we’ll try cardio as an outlet 1st! If we’re still peeved we discuss, but usually the run makes me feel so good I forget why I was upset, him too!!!
Have i said it flat out yet!!??
Do some Cardio…at least 3x a week!!!
Watch your life change…y’all have crazy energy, joy and strength in just a few weeks.(give it 12 days or 4 wks)

2. Cardio!!! It is only gonna get easier if ya do it!!! Try this: don’t stop when your mind is tired…stop when you’re done!!

Today: Swim, bike or run today…no less than 1 mile.
Then write yourself a thank you note!

Winter Energy is AWESOME, as is our Florida weather…get out there and enjoy it!!!


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