Weekend Blast OFF!

I don’t know about yall, but for me the weekend is usually my busiest and most energetic time.  This weekend was no exception.  Yesterday I did a craft fair with Rachel. It was fun, but a lot of sitting still:)

DAY #3 How do we keep our energy up when we are forced to sit?  Here’s what Rach and I did yesterday…

1.Taking small walking breaks; even if it’s just around the room.  We did a lil shopping, ran for potty breaks and repeat.

2. Eating.  I packed us both little lunch kits, this helped us avoid the fast food fenzy there”)

3. Stretching…Thank goodnes we’re both yoginis…But even if your not! Reach up and for your toes and twist and move your toes and fingers…neck rolls…there is so much we can do to boost our energy in a chair:)

If all else fails 4. Buy coffee:)

Today was a different kind of busy day:)  I ran 3.4 early:)

That run is helping me do loads of laundry, updating of contracts, shopping lists, this blog, my phone software, cleaning, and more cleaning:)

I know it must seem as if I am beating this cardio thing into us all…I HOPE SO; but it truly is transforming to treat your body well.

Day#4  Get outside for fresh air and fun:)

Walk your dog…ride your bike…play duck duck goose with your kids…WAHTEVER IT TAKES MOVE”)

And watch your mood move into the positive:)



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