Time Keeps On Slipping…And Day 5 Blast!


Sitting…Ahh!  And Yay!!!!

Lol…it was that long a day…I have been up since 5am…yikes! Yes, I know…what the hell am I thinking???!!! I have ENERGY!!!
“I’ll sleep when I’m dead,” I kid.  

Season is always busy for me…I’m a chef after all…and what do people do more at this time of year? They eat! 
All this talk of energy got me thinking…

What do I do that could suck away energy? Or as Stephi Put it…Time? How are we spending it…are we focusing on what’s important and fun?! Or wasting it?!

She challenged us to start a time management log…dun…dun…dun…
Can I handle this???

Today I woke am 5:00 am
Bathroom til 5:15am
Walk Tommy 5:20 am
Make Protein Shake/Feed Tommy5:30
Drink 5:35
Pack Food 5:45 
Pack Car 5:45
Go to Store 6am
Shop 6:35am
Client one 7:05
Cook 8:35
Drive to Meeting/Call Sher 8:40
Meeting 8:49
Drive Home 9:25
Eat Granola 9:30
Pack for Clinic 9:40
Go to clinic 9:59
Go to bank 10:15
Back to clinic Notes done 10:45
Yoga 11:30

Ok,Ok, I get the point and I’m exhausted doing this!!!hehe
In order to remain energetic we must stay balanced”) 
My stop at J and J / Sweet texts for Sher made my day go great!

Today try to keep a log…write until ya feel proud or lame…either way y’all learn something”)

Cardio activity”) Jump

1. Jumping Jacks, Squats, Lunges, Rope, etc

10 min minimum”)


One thought on “Time Keeps On Slipping…And Day 5 Blast!

  1. haha awesome..my usual morning i found im spending a full half hour mindless internet browsing..sooooo useless! now im actually going to sit and enjoy my breakfast with something more useful:)

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