Do Nothing But Eat!!!

Buzzzzzzzzz…Blasting through another busy day”)

Today Stephi’s Time Management task is to do nada, zip, zilch, nothing for 30 whole minutes…boy did I love this!!!! I sat in my lazy boy from 12-12:30″)

Mission Accomplished! It was much needed rest after cooking for 5 hours this am! As for our energy blast activity…eating is a super important part of keeping our energy up.

I’ve said it a million times… food is fuel!!!! This morning I made a protein shake at 6am… Forgot it on the counter and didn’t remember it until 1030am…oy!  I had a glass of soy milk…but that was not enough!!! When you are busy it’s easy to forget and skip meals…but it will catch up to ya quick! Energy Drain!!!

Luckily I got back on track with my shake, a carrot smoothie, some hummus, fresh cherries, etc… Without this fuel there would be no energy.

Today’s Blast Activity: EAT Protein, Carbs and Fat! -Lil meals all day long…watch your energy soar!!!! Xoxo Ursula!

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