Playing Catch Up Day 5 and Day 6

Yesterday my company provided food and service for a huge holiday party.   I spent a lot of time Wednesday and Thursday cooking, scheduling and shopping for this event.  MAYBE TOO MUCH!

One thing I have always done that I fully admit (and probably got from my mama) is over scheduling.  I have 6 months to prepare for this event, but because of sooooooo many other commitments I was forced to squeeze it all in.  

Starting today I am making a commitment to change this! 

Stephi’s post DAY 5 about separate work/home life got me thinking…I have been in business almost 8 years and I used to do things so by the book.  I have a schedule of office hours posted in my office!!!!  But I can’t remember the last time I actually looked at it??

Let’s examine why…maybe we’ll all learn something:

1. Money…who doesn’t want to make more of it…if ya don’t think this way then ya should not be in buiness for yourself!   (There is, however; a limit on our time and energy resources that should be spent on work)   fix *adding to my schedule a limit on orders per wk, month, year 

2. A Need to Make the Universe Happy…I undertand to some of ya this will make me sound nutty!! But I truly care about the happiest of all other living beings…even strangers…so it is hard for me to tell people no, because I dont want to let people down.  (Pretty sure I can thank both my parents for this trait)  ANd it isn’t bad in life…but in business it sucks!  fix *Putting myself first will afford me the attitude to treat others as best I can

3. Worry…I have a triving business…there always seems to be a new client…I am blessed and hard working, yet I worry sometimes; what if this is my last order? what if noone calls?? Being in the business world can be scary…Ya must believe ya are the best as often as possible!!!   fix *Review old thank you notes, event photos and clint files to remind yourself your the best!!!


Sometimes setting the reset button or playing catch up can be a good thing for bringing the balance back into life! 

This week I will reset myself and office up for success:) NOW>>>

Where am I gonna get the energy for that??

Day 6 Winter BLAST

Nothing fixes a weary body like yoga!  It’s very simple:

1. Do Yoga…try for free class:)

2. Get Energy Back

3. Feel Better!






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