Survived Saturday! Winter Energy Blast Days 7,8


Some Saturdays… Day 6, 7, 8

Yesterday my website crashed! I was…lets say… less than happy about this!  (I freaked out!)It kind of ruined my afternoon…Some SatuRdays…Wow!
What an energy killer!!!
One of the hardest parts of running a business is coming to the realization that ya can’t fix it all alone…some tasks are better left to professionals.
Luckily, I have great help.

Asking for assistance can be one of the fastest ways to build a business.
Finding business success=major energy.

Energy Blast Day 7

Delegate 2 tasks this week to others.

Energy Blast Day 8

Stephi suggested we start de-cluttering…cleaning house! This is also a calorie burner…get cleaning!

Start with one small spot. I tacked my art area today…this week I am finishing 2 alphabets and working on 3 holiday gifts”) Having my table and art cabinet clean will make this relaxing and fun!

My goal is to tackle one area a day”)
Join me! Purging old junk is so cathartic!


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