Focusing on What I Enjoy! Day 8,9…


20 Lil Things I Enjoy?Hmm…

Today I dealt with hacking, Theft, oh, my…letting it go!

Stephi recommends focusing on the lil things for day 8″) so I am going to more toward the positive now…

1. Looking at homes in st aug with Sher
2. Running
3. Painting
4. Journaling
5. Creating Recipes
6. SUP
7. Coffee with Friends
8. Vegan cooking
9. Thrift Shopping
10. Music
11. Old Films
12. Reading Magazines
13. Poetry
14. Rainbows
15. Charity Races
16. Cartoons
17. Gifting to others
18. Beach with Sher
19. Beer Tasting
20. Teaching

Challenges can really try our patience, use our energy and drag us down…if we let them…make every effort to only wallow for a minute”)

Today’s Energy Blast…

Run quick not long for a burst of joy and ENERGY!

Look out to the future…so bright!

One thought on “Focusing on What I Enjoy! Day 8,9…

  1. Awesome job today with keeping it together! It’s times like these when we want to say ode sucks n give up..ur attitude is the greatest !! keep it up love ya!

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