Ode to My Socks and Some Positive Ladies too…hehe


Oh, how I love thee…before there was u…my feet hurt a lot, my legs fell asleep before the rest of my body and well an 18 hour shift left me feeling like death…ya cost me a small fortune and have been worth every penny…hugging every lil piggy just so…hehe

Yesterday’s task from Stephi(Day 9) was to laugh! So in-spite of all this weeks chaos I find humor in the love I have for my new compression socks”) hehe
Sometimes the universe hands us invitations to parties we don’t want to attend, but if we see these things as growth opportunities…things we can giggle at or even just as life experience we can keep our compression socked feet firmly in the positive zone”)

Staying positive improves life…it’s just not debatable! Life IS as GOOD as we believe it IS! So many of y’all are proof POSITIVE!
I continue to be inspired by Stephi, Asia, Misty, Claudia, Monique, Cathy, Clare…and all my positive friends…wow are they making life GREAT!

…As for Winter Blast…day 10
Thank God we finally have a lil breeze blowing…it is Dec after all!!!

Day 10 Use the cool air to perk ya up. Get outside and move…
Cart wheels, running with your mates, a game of kickball…
Use that imagination and make it fun!

Today I will run with Tommy, stretch with Yogatoday.com outside and try to meditate in my garden for a lil”)

Let’s keep moving, keep skinny and keep laughing”)


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