Energy Blast Off!!! And 4 days off?? Yes me!

Last night I took a lil break(yes me!) and got a pedicure(something I usually just do myself) and a hair cut(long over due) hello BEAUTIFUL!


It felt so nice to pamper myself after a few crazy weeks of work.  As we are heading into the weekend before the holidays I find myself counting my blessings A LOT!!! I have work…enough to afford me the above luxuries. I have amazing friends…too many to list…But y’all know who ya are!  I have a wonderful hubby (best friend) and puppy. I have a gorgeous and growing family!  Gratitude is a dish best served in the morning so we start out on the right foot!!!

Over the next 4 days I will be on a blogging vaca, but to keep my blast going I will be: Thurs-1. Serving up morning gratitude List 100 things you are grateful for this year!

Fri-2. Savoring warm winter soups…keeping a warm balance and my body fueled…perfect for this time of year See For my vegan chili and pizza in a cup soup recipes

Sat-3. Wrapping gifts…Giving feels SO good!!!

Sun-4. Running a 5 miler with my wifie”) can’t wait to hit the pavement!!!! Energy Blast Off!!! Keep up the great attitude…keep energy…keep Skinny! Xo Ursula

Ps We’ll catch up with Stephi on Monday for all her great tools!

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