ABsolutely out of my comfort zone…

All my life I’ve wanted to have fit abs!!!  But until just recently I didn’t want them bad enough??!!  I wished for them…never giving it my best(IT: being proper eating and exercise at the same time!) BOO! HIZZ!

Ya dont get abs by skipping meals, wishing or working out on occasion.  Sorry, ya just don’t! It takes hard work and dedication!  It takes balancing work, play and good foods…it takes practicing great habits for at least 6 months in a row and then continuing to keep up the work…CARDIO, Whole Food Nutrition, and yes crunches (of all angles and styles”)

These abs are not yet perfected…lol…but I am proud of the effort that has given them to me. APPLAUSE!!! And I look forward to the challenges I have set for myself to make them even stronger!

This weekend Stephi wants us to shake up life…Do something outside your comfort zone…or a few things even!

So, sharing my progress( and this pic) midway is out of my comfort zone…I am 6 months into weight training and Hannibal for Queen(hehe) and in another 2 months I hope to be video taping this crazy workout for all to see. This will be ABsolutly out of my comfort zone, but fun!

Let’s keep the ball rolling…Days 12,13, and 14…getting uncomfortable for a minute can change us for the better!!!

Pledges for tomorrow: Outside the box…Get to stepping…

Visit one new place, try 2 new exercises, try 1 new food and send a letter to a long lost friend/relative to reconnect… READY GO!

Never be afraid to share your progress or even failures…how else will we grow??




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