Anything’s Possible…even a Great Energizing Schedule!


In spite of my nausea still lingering…today was a great fresh start.  Stephi has been posting lots about new starts and KGs “Anything’s Possible” (I live my life with this motto in mind!) love it!

And loving her posts!

So, I was up at 6am. Drank a huge glass of water(new habit I want to have!) great way to energize the body!
Walked with my Tommy and now I’m posting early…like I used to. Woohoo!

Today let’s look at our list!

1. Sher
2. Tommy
3. Fitness
4. Work, blogging, teaching
5. Family(extended)
6. Friends
7. Play
8. Beach time

Wow! What a lot of positive priorities! I can do all this!

Now how do we get the most out of life and this list?!? And keep
Our energy up…up…up!

Well, now 1st we break it down…

1 and 2 are easy…I love taking care of those fellows”)
3Fitness for me includes: running, yoga, ballet, boxing, lifting, classes, and jumping!
So there are 7 sub  categories!  One activity per day?? Well for me it will be 2 hour blocks for 6 days with a recovery day…
Ya get the point…

Today let’s focus on the list within the list! By tomorrow ya should have a number of hours ya spend in all 8 sections”) then we’ll finally nail out a schedule that works”)

I realize this could get overwhelming, not to worry tomorrow we’ll trim the fat!

As for our adventurer’s in the world of outside the box!

I am happy to report after following Stephi’s lead I:

1.Ran a 5 mile race in Parkland(out of my normal area) with my Patzi”)
2.Started a good am water habit
3.Am headed to pole dancing class with Liz(we’ve been friends since kindergarten) next week(lol)
4.tried chili Gouda(no not vegan, but worth it”)
5.volunteered to help 2 young chef’s start a biz 
6.actually stayed home sick to rest!!!(needed)

Keep at it! Keep positive, keep up your energy and keep skinny!


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