Balancing Act…Part 1


I have to admit…I have been out of balance about 2 weeks…work got a lot busier and I slowed down my workouts and play dates…BOO! The worst part is that it happen ever so quickly ; I all but missed the signs?!?

Until now…I’m fighting a bug, cracked a tooth and have been über sleepy!!!

I’ve only run 4 times, done yoga 3x and lifted once?!? I try really hard to make fitness a top priority…I am a much calmer, wiser and less stressed me when it is! 
My eating habits have been just plain BAD! (eating lots late, because there is lil to no time free during the day)

What the **** Ursula?!? You’re the boss…u make the schedule!
Alright so I have addressed this whole schedule thing enough already…
This next 5 days will be action days!!!

Sometimes life just happens:
I am working a lot more these days(booming business…Blessed!), my hubby and puppy are #1 of course, (taking care of our home) and then there’s the classes I teach…I could go on and on…

What’s the point?

The only way to keep your energy up is to balance all life’s little areas”)

1. List top 8 priorities

We will discuss this list and the action steps tomorrow”)

Let’s pledge to start 2012 relaxed and balanced!


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