Fartlek Wednesdays…And Do Good/Feel Good

Day 18 Do Good/Feel Good

Today was an easy breezy day-FINALLY”) Breakfast club with my girls…a great self-confidence activity outside at clinic followed by meditation”)…ahh…relaxation…

As I type I am walking…my run, walk, sprint drills…I hate the treadmill (mostly)…so Tommy and I did a lap outside…but now I’m getting serious!!!
This May I plan to be on a relay team…6 of us will run 100 miles!
I realize some of ya are WTFing me right now…hehe…and some of ya want to join”) Sweet! Call me…plenty of time to train to run in the Keys with us…
Running just plain makes my life better…happier, prouder, and of course skinnier”). When my schedule is toooooooo busy…and I don’t run..I pay for it!

Day 17: Stephi’s post today was about looking your best to feel your best! Well, without my runs, yoga, etc…I would never look my best and I’d be depressed to boot! 
So I feel my 3.5 miles of Fartlek drills fit the daily task.

Today is also Day 18 of our 30-30-30 Day Energy Blast… How else can we possibly get more energy?

Do Good…Feel Good

There is lots of research that supports this idea that gifting, volunteering and helping others improves our mood, energy and health by leaps and bounds.

Claudia shared about inspiring a friend to eat better today. She was amazed by how good she felt from just offering that little bit of inspiration! (yay!)
I work 3 days a week in 2 Mental Health clinics…I love helping people restore their happiness!!! Getting to assist good people work to be even better is a real gift.
See: 2 signs of proof without even searching!

Last month I did a challenge with thereceivingproject.com.  I received so much more joy than I could of imagined just by being OPEN and PRESENT. It has inspired me to try the other side- giving!

Today I am signing up to give 29 gifts in 29 days! What better time of year than now?? I love giving and I clearly love challenges so…let the giving begin!


I realize it’s another commitment during a busy season, but let’s try to be part of something bigger than ourselves…who knows we may receive too!

Can’t wait to share this experience!


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