The Holidays… No Excuse To Sit On Your Butt And Eat Too Much

Party, Party, Party…you’d think I Would be thrilled I am going to be a guest at 2 parties tonight.  I thought I would be too, but at this point It’d be nicer to just stay home. Over committing at work has made life hard! That is why that new schedule…that starts Monday…WooHoo… is so important!

Honestly, I’m happy to see my friends…just tired of parties.  Just like anyone else who has a job can understand…sometimes it’s just nice to be away from all that reminds us of work.  
Any who…it’s the holidays and well…party, party, party”p 
I’m dressed and ready to go!

Day 20, 21, and 22

Have fun, but don’t forget to run”)
Or move some.  
I never like to make excuses…”I can’t keep to my workout schedule and have holiday fun too???”
“I deserve a day or two off to eat too much and sit a lot???”

Believe me back in the day…I used this same crap…ya are only lying and cheating yourself.

Just stay the course, get your cardio on with friends…y’all have great energy to have even more fun!!!


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