Worry in Moderation=More ENERGY


Ahh…The Schedule! Yes; we’re back on this…we’ve had 2 days to prepare…so let’s get it done”)

Did y’all make your lists? Set priorities…what deserves your time…what simply doesn’t??
What tasks are most important? Make ya most happy?

Work is something we all must make time for no matter what…
So since everything else is really want tos and falls right into to place…At least on my list..,
Work will be my example.(ya can use fitness, family time, etc…whatever is relevant to your world)

Business is not slowing down…so neither am I, but I could always be more efficient!!! 
I’ve given myself 34 hours a week to work…I actually work 67 now.
For me this means hiring help…thanks Stephi!!! And doing 1 weekly shopping trip for all my private clients(instead of individual trips) I’m saving 20 hours with just these 2 things(wow!)
13 hours to go??
I can do my billing all in one sitting 3 hours saved”)
I can return calls while on my treadmill”p and return all emails at 5pm each day”)…GREAT SUCESS!!!

See we have more time then we realize…which brings me to today’s tasks…better late than never.

Day 18
Stephi wants us bring balance to all tasks by doing things in moderation”)

Today was my dad’s birthday(Steph’s too)
 I had 2 blini’s and 1 slice of cringle…moderate celebration…lol

I’m sure that is not what she meant;p
Any who…I am worrying in moderation these days (so proud of this!)
Really what’s the point: WASTED ENERGY!!


-So often we what if, over think, and literally lose sleep and good energy worrying…why?

What are your worries, fears, obsessions?
List them…read them…tear up the paper…and let them go~for GOOD!

The end result is extra hours of bliss”)


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