Be Here…Now!!!

Wow! 4 days of FUN!! I am lovin this holiday season!

Today was perfect…run, sun, surf, sushi and Sher”) I don’t want this to end…but it’s almost over, and back to work I go…in fact; this whole year is almost gone;0
Oh my that went quick…did ya savor it?? I so did!!! Usually at years end I gear up to resolve, remodel and redo things for the year ahead…this year I am proud to say I just want to carry the joy into 2012…keep up the action steps and try lots of new things that bring me joy!
Like playing my new ukulele, brewing  beers that are drinkable and make art!!
Stephi’s task certainly helped today: day 22
Focus  on the last few days of the year with joy! Don’t rush it…the future is coming… Enjoy the here and now!
List 10 things y’all do to enjoy years end”)
1. SUP
2. Paint
3. Redo Office
4. Try 2 new exercises
5. Bake
6. Clean out closet
7. Long Run 14 miles
8. Breakfast Club
9. Make cards
10. Buy gifts
Bringing JOY to your mind’s eye is a great way to keep your energy up!
I’ve also enjoyed 5 days of gifting…hello JOY! Giving is so underrated!
Day 23 Blast your energy with JOY!
Play, run, jump, color, do anything that makes ya feel energy…be young at heart!!!
The new year will be here soon enough…enJOY now!

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