Don’t Quit before Ya Start!!!! Even 2 lil Miles Can Save the Day!!!


Some mornings getting up early and drinking a big glass of water is harder then others. I woke this am with heartburn “( and a sink full of dirty dishes(this is not the norm…but basketball beat dishes last night)…my hubby even text me to complain about his protein shake.

 Today I couldn’t decide if I should run in or outside…long or short…fast or tempo…but I knew for sure I needed the run!!!!! I didn’t always understand this…

We all have bad days…or days with rocky starts. That’s called LIFE people…but…
How do u react? Do u allow your pride and negative thoughts win?
Do ya give up before ya even started?

I think we tend to complicate things?? Why?
Ya think 1 run won’t make a difference?? Well it FREAKING will…every time!

I’ll let ya in on a lil secret that might help ya next year… Ok deep breath here it goes…
Somedays…I HATE running…there I said it!  
*Those are the days I need to the most…and after it I feel the best!

I know it’s shocking! Lol, but post run today I have already conquered the dishes, the laundry, a nice response to Sher’s complaining…and all the bad stuff has faded…completely…why feel bad if I can feel great?!?
For goodness sake…try it! Or any other form of cardio…but Running is another level…trust me!

Today forgot the bothers, worries, fears…just move, and be!


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