How Y’all Made My Year Better!

I think one can’t help, but reflect at year’s end…Here’s some questions I’ve been asking myself???

Did ya make a difference in the world …in the life of another?

What obstacles did ya over come?
How many challenges did ya meet…fears did ya conquer?

Did we live to our fullest with intention?

Have I shown gratitude, empathy and honor?

This coming year I’d like to visit these questions weekly.

Day 23 Stephi talked about memories today…when was the last Time ya looked at old photos…took inventory of yourself??
She suggested one pic for every year ya were here”) this is subjective “here” I would only be like 18 in that case…lol

This should be a fun task…look back…laugh and feel proud of all ya have accomplished”)
I am going to list 32 memories that added to my 2011…

Day 24 Energize by remembering The Best of 2011

I would never of made it through 2011 without:

1. My sisters<3 (meg, Kat, Ruby) and John
2. Coffee dates…Ty (judy, larry, robert, sue, mikey, Cathy, Jasmine, Stephi, and Arlene 
3. Breakfast Club…Ty(Claudia, Stephi and Aline
4. Runs with Patzi, and shopping”)
5. Beach with Sher
6. Yoga, Races, Hannibal
7. The joy of helping others meet goals…Ty (Asia, Misty, Hope, Caitlin, and Erin)
8. Inspiration from the athletes…Ty (Jessica, Erin, Lori, Cathy, and Patzi)
9. Paddling with Sher
10. Girls Nights Out…Ty (Judy, Claudia, Patzi, Natasha, Christina S, Stephi)
11. Business Meetings…Ty (Ira, Erin and Judy)
12. Cooking…Ty (Clients and Friends)
13. Hot Cup of Tea and Great Conversation…Ty (Ev, Stephi, and Arlene)
14. Fresh Market”)
15. Starbucks and Spot(decaf, but well it’s true)
16. Pinterest…obsessed a lil less…still obsessed
17. Great Music and Posts on FB…Ty (Jessica, Monique, and Rachel…Music Divas…Rach, Jon, and Lori health and food posts…generally awesome and positive; Cathy, Heidi and Christina S)
18. Craft Fair(word) Ty Rach!
19. Catching up…oy long list…
Jessica squared…inspiring and well amazing…seriously!
Misty/Hope…y’all motivate me!
Asia…creative genius!  
Natashi…Proof the strong and fashionable always get ahead”)
Christina M…spunky in best way…super mom
Elizabeth…my long lost childhood returned…just plain awesoMe
Stephanie M…the go getter, style and grace 
(if I missed ya…let me know I’ll add ya”)it’s late…I’m sleepy!
20. Workout quotes…duh!U
21. Tommy walks, cuddles, my boy”)
22. Garden finally cute! Ty Lisa!
23. Going Home for Meg’s Shower…fun freedom
24. I have a nephew…he is so cute and smart!
25. Insulated shopping totes…Ty mom and meg
26. Adrianna…you rock…always helpful…and inspiring! Ty!
27.  My rents all 4 of them”)
28. Painting and crafting…creative outlets rule!!!
29. Blogging and runs…my therapy
30. Pace…love this yoga crew! 
31. Ryan, y’all always motivate me to be better!

That was fun!

Now you try!


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