It’s a Dog’s Life!


My 1st appointment canceled today…so no run??? NOT! it’s ok Tommy ran with me. He is getting much faster and even stops to sniff less”)

If ya are a runner a backup puppy is a must! I love this boy”)

Actually, Tommy makes everything better!  I love seeing the world through his eyes.  Everything he encounters is exciting, he’s lovable, grateful, just plain happy and joyous 99% of the time! What a great example for how to live! 
Today he stopped to smell the flowers, danced in the winter wind and got excited over his breakfast like it was prepared by WGPuck.
So I am taking a lesson…ENJOY it all!!!

Having a pet has been linked to lower rates of depression, boredom and has been proven to lengthen your life!  
As we reflect at years end on what really matters…I couldn’t leave my Tommy out.

Day 25 For More Energy…Act like a dog…(don’t reward yourself with food, or dig in the trash, etc…lol)

Play with/like a dog!  Seriously, I wish I could bottle his energy! So pure, so unbelievably raw, and all they care about us FUN! 
So that’s it…Today it’s a dog’s life!



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