Happy New You! Go Exercise…Running for Any Mood!


Running For Moodiness

Happy New Year…New Roads to Travel(yay!) Want to stay fit and improve your mood? Who doesn’t?!? This is your year!!! You can do it!!!
Learn to use running to improve your mood with these tips I adapted from Running Fitness.

Feeling Angry…Want to Scream?

Do Sprints, but stay present to avoid an injury! Use the adrenaline surge to your benefit.

Feeling Hyper?

Do Hilly a Run, but don’t over do it! Redirect energy and allow the hills to direct ya.

Feeling Blue?

Today ya need a long run! Beware of becoming running dependent!!!
For go excuses and let the run be thy medicine. Running releases serotonin. Just don’t allow running to be your only coping skill!

Anxiety? Panic?

Try interval runs or training, don’t be irrational…fears vs dreams…choose dreams!
Intervals try focus and energy…use negative energy positively”)
Curb nerves by focusing on the path ahead!

Feeling Silly

Run with a friend!  Try trails…try the beach… Try a new path…just have fun!

Register for your 1st race or call your running buddy to schedule it in now”)

We are coming to the end of our 1st 30 days blast! Be Proud of how far you’ve come and let that pride carry you smiling into 2012!!!

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