Don’t Resolve…COMMIT!!!!


The new year for most is a time to reflect…what can I do better than last year? What change should be made? It can be a stressor, all these resolutions…let’s continue to focus on the positives!

How about this year we stay the course?!? Forget what’s wrong…focus on what’s right!
Take a minute think of all the good ya did last year…now continue with that!!!

I am so grateful that I truly learned to love exercise, healthy food and my physical self last year!!! If this is your goal again this year: YA CAN DO IT!
Take small steps…like today clean out all the junk/processed food from your house, and walk 2 miles briskly in your neighborhood… And be kind to yourself!!!!!!!!!

Today I was up and out the house early…in-spite of military trail being a less then scenic road, my log your run app not locating me on gps, and the berrrrrrr(cold morning)…I managed a great time for my 6 miler”) New Year yes, old Ursula…nothing wrong with that!

Being kind to yourself is never a negative…being a quitter, an excuse maker or just plain lazy is the problem…this year resolve to keep your commitments to yourself daily.

Last night I made a Monday todo list and I am proud to report it’s already a 3rd done…who cares what’s on the list…the progress is that we’re able to stick to it…finish things!

Finishing feels good! So we still have two more sections in our 30-30-30 energy blast!

Section Two:Mental Energy…

Those of ya who are yogis or yoginis know what I speak of…and are hopefully on the path to owning your energy in a positive way!
Change your thoughts; Change your life!!!

So, it does not happen over night; but turning mental energy into positive energy is easier than ya might think!! 

Today’s Activity:
Strengthening Mental Energy
Supplies: one note pad/writing tool

1. Think positively about your year ahead.  Anytime your mind presents a negative draining thought…brush it gently away and write 2 positive responses to this thought!

It will get easier as the day goes on…try to stick with this for 3-5 days or until less negative thoughts are bothering ya!

Keep Up All the Great Work from Last Year and Keep Skinny!


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