Slowing Down to Get Faster

It’s been 8 days since my last post!  And it feels like 800!  Funny how habits(even great ones) are hard to take breaks from…I consider this blog/diary/inspirational haven a fun habit, but it’s nice to get a rest once in a while from almost anything these days. Life is busy…yes I schedule it and love it this way…but even I can admit a break was nesscesary:)

This Saturday I managed to pull off a fabulous surprise party for a client’s best friend, with some amazing help from my now (as close as it gets) to perfect staff:) After 8 years in business I finally have a handle on placing people in a position to use their skills and talents to help me, and keep them positive and motivated for themselves.  YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sher says I’m fianlly a great manager.  (always learning curves:)

And while preparing for this special event over the last 3 weeks, I cooked for all my private chef clients, taught yoga and cooking classes, ran, lifted, and well lots of other fun and not so fun stuff………So……unfortunatly KeepingSkinny got a back seat for a few days.

…Felt a lil guilty and missed yall, but a girl’s gotta sleep right? hehe

Why is it that we feel so guilty slowing down these days?? I mean as a society life is getting faster and faster.  My friend Shara and I were walking and chatting this am.  I have to admit it was nice to walk.

…She says, “you love FAST”…”Sometimes”, I said; “but mostly I just want to run fast; to feel like an athelete…life can be slow… or slower:).”

That made sense to her, and Shara, your points about walking for fitness make sense to me too!”)

Today I walked 2min, ran 2min, sprinted 2min…for 40 mins…all in an effort to slow down…to get faster!  I was in 11th place for my age group at my last race, I can do better:) With practice I believe we all can.

Life is not unlike this training.  If we want to get ahead in life sometimes we just have to slow down to see the whole picture(like I did with my staff)…this makes us better managers of our time, businesses and selves…which in the long run makes us faster.

Getting to the finish line faster will continue to be a goal of mine…still focusing on slowing the journey to the starting line it’s such a bad idea either!

So whether ya started Pure Practice with me today, are logging in with Aisa or Stephi through their 100 days or you’re just a continous work in progress as we all should be…be kind to yourself, take it slow and yall get faster and keepskinny!



One thought on “Slowing Down to Get Faster

  1. The party was awesome sat..How u put things together is amazing, I don’t think it could have went any more smoothly!

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