Are You Unintentionally Sharing Sh*t Energy! Own The Energy You Bring into a Space!

I am tired! There I said it! …and I can take responsibility for that energy; I can own it…even though I don’t love it…it is in fact how I feel today.

It does not, however; mean that I am can take out my sluggish energy and try to spread it around to random strangers. We all have rough days, hard times, wild emotions…on any given day our mood can be off. Quit sharing SH*T energy.  If anything; I’d like to receive some good energy from someone else.”) when I feel this way and if I’m negative who will share joy with me??
 I’m good at absorbing happiness! But I must be open to receive it!

What I am not so good at is ignoring others who don’t understand the energy connection they have to the world…or the SUCKERS…ya know the type…they take good energy, great energy and give nothing in return.”(
I can’t wrap my pretty lil head around the concept of take, take and take some more…
I suppose we are all guilty of putting out bad vibes sometimes…but If we’re present we can correct these things timely…learn something…hopefully and move on…Smiling!

I remember looking back at the old me…like 8 years ago Ursula…I did not always take responsibility for the energy I put into a space?!? 
Heck, I was up in the clouds…energy…what energy?!? Boy, have I ever learned!
Vapid as I was I wasn’t evil?!? I was just too hyper focused on stupid lil shit!
Sound Familiar? If it does don’t fret!

The bottom line is we can control, own and fix our own energy! So let’s quit wasting precious time and live life to the fullest. Share our passions, spread happiness, love, and empathy!

Let’s practice owning the energy we bring to a space and making sure it’s worth sharing!



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