This The Life That Everybody Ask For…

I’m on a runner’s high…only an easy 3 miler this am and I feel like a million dollars! HAPPINESS!!!

The last few days have been über full, and are inspiring me to talk about happiness!  Busy can equal stress, but does not have too!

I went to Louisiana to meet Mathieu( my totally silly and handsome new nephew) who is content as long as someone is singing to him! BOY, does he have the right idea already! Happiness can come from the lil stuff and should!  Our needs are so few then…what happens??

In group at the clinic yesterday we read about excitement verses happiness(Thanx Martha Beck)…as in happiness doesn’t always mean the winning lottery ticket or a 3 day wedding extravaganza!  That excitement is usually followed by a crash! Bummer…True happiness can be a contast!!!

Where do ya find happiness?(think about it…look for it!)

Yesterday one of my favorite people got a clean bill of health on her yearly cancer screen”) happiness! Yesterday I taught yoga”) happiness! Yesterday I had one of my childhood besties in town from all the way around the world”) major happiness!

Today is Jessica’s Bday…another year…Happiness!!!

Happiness is everywhere we seek it! Happiness is a choice!

I know…easier said than done ya say…not really… We can’t control traffic, other’s attitudes, the fact that we have to work, clean the house, etc…

But Happiness is yours for the taking! This does not mean we’ll be bouncing off the walls with excitement…it means we’ll have contentment…inner peace even.

I’m always brought back to Ryan at times like these…he’d be living it up with a smile if he were here…I always want to honor that happiness and his memory!  Who do ya honor? Who can be your happiness role model???

Even this am when I was dreading my short run start…I thought of my friends who’d love to run daily…if not for new babies, MS, car/motorcycle accident injuries…etc…I run for them…for myself and for my HAPPINESS=Sanity”)

We have so much to be happy about…THis is the life that every body asks for…


XO Skinny

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