Making the Fork in the Road a Spoon…

I’m at a fork in the road of life! Sound familiar?

Frankly; either path could workout just fine in the end(that knowledge, attitude is power!) 
Still, I’m human and want to make the better/best decision for my future.

Whenever I am faced with opportunities I make a pro/con list.
I know it sounds so elementary…still how often do we ask advice of other people who love us, but are not us…and don’t have to deal with the outcomes!Why not use this list to advise ourselves? Step outside yourself and look in as ya would for a friend!

Advice: I give a lot more than I should! Do you?
Could ya be living your own best life instead? 

Today stop for a minute and pledge to invest love and kindness in you!!! Y’all be a better friend/spouse/worker bee for doing it! And who knows that fork might just become a spoon to scoop up your dream life!”)

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