Invasion Of the Body Snatchers…Part ??? The Brightest of Us have Dark Days Too!


Last night was pretty close to awful!!! Part of the reason I am so crazy about exercise and clean eating is because for me it’s medicine.  I was diagnosed with mania several years ago after a series of tragedies”(  To me at that time Devastating! A life sentence of highs and low with drugs as a fix-Umm-yeah Not for me!!! I have remained mostly positive and now even help others create a life of balance. That said, I’m human!
So I have worked hard for myself too; to find a balance with yoga, food and of course running!  Sadly, this is not always enough! Taking care of me means to have balance at work and play also…Too much of either is no help and things can get out of control…if I let them”(
Yesterday, was an invasion of the body snatchers kind of a day”( those of y’all who have experienced this type of episode SO know what I mean. Your heart and mind can’t meet in the middle, all balance and rational is out the window and it’s as if your body has been invaded by…well…something awful!!!  Anger, Pain, Sadness, you name it!
I could live with this now once a year meltdown; if I could control my mouth!! I tend to be mean and/or lash out at those I love around me?!? (So sorry!!!) This is often the reason sadness can last days?!
I’ve worked long and hard and kept many a journal to try to pinpoint triggers, reasons, we all ask Why Me?
For me it can be as simple as being spread too thin(guilty) having liquor(guilty)or eating junky(guilty)…this weekend consisted of all of the above 3″(
And I knew it…so…
I ran yesterday am and taught yoga, eat well, but the damage I suppose was already done…
What’s my point?
We all have hiccups in this road…even people who are not clinical have tough days! All we can do is be sorry to those we hurt(including ourselves), and get back on the healthy track.
I’m not one for excuses or sulking-thank goodness…
But I am for sharing, growing and learning how to lessen these invasions.
Brain chemistry is sensitive, we should respect this and treat our bodies as temples…all good things in, and then good things will come out.
Negative in/negative out!
I am living/surviving proof that even the brightest people have dark days.
Seek balance, peace and patience with yourself…remembering this too shall pass!

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