So Much To…SAY…So Much to…

I used to be the BIGGEST Dave fan!  Kinda sad how we out grow some of our childhood loves…I am rambling because this title got me singing…Seriously, like 35+ shows I went to…even named my pet iguana after him…ANY WAYS…great song!!

As I ran yesterday, to Rap(not Dave) I thought about how some days I drive to work early and see others running and get SOOOO jealous! Seriously!  And I smiled as the wind almost blew me over as I thought about those drivers envying me:)

After a good long run nothing seems to shake me.  I am calm, focused, centered…it is too cool how exercise can be medicine…of the very best kind. My runs saved me again this week! I love yoga! But in truth there is a feeling ya can only get from a run!

I run for my life!!!

So, like I said lots to say…

Tuesday the world lost HEIDI(insert heart break, tears and well pain)She was taken from us ! What a loss it was…I was only just getting to really know her after 10 years of us passing each other in brief conversations(about awesomeness!) at parties at Sue and Tara’s. She was vivacious,stylish, savy…a hot granny for sure only 48…looked 28…and well in short a great girl!

In recent month’s She blew up FB with joy, quotes, and hilarious ness!<3

What can I say ?? already so missed?!? Heidi taught me:

Love as much as ya can while ya can!

I am trying to love my work!  I am busy still and blessed with wonderful clients this  Season”)

I am learning lots about myself this season, lots about balance! I work, I play and I pay others to help! Thanks god for my amazing FRIENDs!

I’ve let go of things that didn’t pay me  enough emotionally or in funds. Proud!
I’ve learned to say no and let go!
Finally! YES!
Launches next week and I am so stoked to be adding fitness clients and classes into my life”)
Saturday I have a huge event and I am on schedule! Ahh, Ursula, Learning!
What have ya learned recently? Share it with someone and let’s
Grow into Who We Truly Are!Together!

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