100 Days of Productive Living Day 1…Inner Serenity


And so it begins again…I was never one to blog just because…that to me is for diaries.  My quest for another 100 days of fun brought me to my current journey(becoming a mommy)…And I want to help us all learn simple ways to improve our life.

I searched high and low…the end result:


Day 1: Find your inner serenity…by making it easier to locate your keys…lol

I’m not messy…but I’m creative which equals clutter!  Today is all about making lil tasks stress less.
I really do hate digging in the bottom of my bag looking for keys with my arms full of bags, yoga mats, Starbucks…

This 1st activity is a needed one. I’m adding a clip to my keys…and finally down sizing my purse! (no really a smaller one)

Additionally, I hired a wonderful office assistant to finally get my files in order! It is so nice to know where important client info is for once!

So, if ya missed out on 100 days of positive activities…or just love a good guided list…join me today!!!

Keep moving forward…Keep improving…Keep Skinny!


One thought on “100 Days of Productive Living Day 1…Inner Serenity

  1. Aww thanks:)…I always leave my keys in this round dish by the dOor n now it’s just habit that as soon as I walk in. I put them in. When I leave the house I’m never searching anymOre;)

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