Embracing Change!!!

Wow…seems forever since I’ve written…it’s nice to have days off… But Writing is one of the ways I keep myself in check…emotionally, mentally and physically motivated. I think my hiatus has gone on long enough!

 The last few weeks have tested me in ways I could not have imagined.
Can I remain dedicated?!? To keepingskinny?To being the change I wish to see in the world?!?
Two weeks ago I taught my 1st Kick Boxing Class in 3 years.  I felt like a million dollars…I bragged to friends I had no symptoms and couldn’t wait to run the next day! It was one of my favorites.  I had forgotten how much I love cardio like this and how cathartic punching/kicking for fitness can be. Truly a healthy way to let go of anger, sadness, lethargy… It was perfect…except for how sore I was for almost 3 days after!  Test 1: could I stay positive about myself if my body was repairing itself slower?
Then it started the negatives…I’m not sleeping as well, eating as much, can’t cook, I’m sneezing all the time (Test 2,3,4…Test, Test, Test!)
and well…it is all changing my mood!!!Ahhh!!!
At least I’ll have my runs?? Right?
Then, as if my world was falling apart…
My runs got super hard too!
2 miles felt like 10…I was sweating more, it was harder to breathe…Test 4,000…I CAN’T TAKE IT!!!
Get a grip URSULA!
Coping Skills are so important!!!
And I am learning the hard way that fitness and diet can’t solve it all always! (learning new things always)
Yesterday was my 1st real run since I learned I’m expecting(yes, a baby).  I have walk/run a few 1-2 milers, but yesterday was different…I felt good, I felt like myself, I ran 3 miles in-spite of the nausea…No excuses Ursula! Positive Attitude helps on good days, but sometimes the feelings are out of our control?
Whether your preggo, Recovering from an injury or illness…
Change can be super scary…or…or super Exciting! (Really it can be!)
It’s a choice!
Pregnancy is no picnic for most in their 1st trimester, but it’s still a choice…I can choose to sulk, stay moody and dwell in temporary sickness…WTF…no way! Or…
Be my true me!!! I want to push ahead…do my best to be excited!
Honestly, for me…Exercise is always gonna be my 1st choice for preserving my mental health! That said…Journaling, reading positive books/affirmations, art, thumbing through magazines, walking with Tommy, there are so many ways I can stay upbeat and balanced!
Do what brings ya joy…if ya can’t run do yoga, if ya lose a relationship rebuild a better one with yourself, in other words…when/if life tosses ya a curve ball hit it out of the park and run all the bases.
Embrace Change and become a better U!

3 thoughts on “Embracing Change!!!

  1. please try not to be incredibly hard on yourself! when there are days you can, do, and when there’s days you can’t there’s still the rest of your life to ‘do’ , you won’t lose it xoxo

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