Day 2…Surround Yourself in Progress

100 days of improved living: Day 2

Surround yourself with progress…this is a toughie! Which is why I’m a day late. “p 
Pregnancy makes everything harder…I’m thankful I had an authentic friend or two who admitted this! Although I admire those of ya who claim to have forgotten the SUCK fest after seeing your lil ones…I’m a keep it real kind of girl…so i appreciate those who recognize where I’m at…Any-who…let’s get improving!

My body is progressing…as it is constructing another human…lol…the rest is in the works: a move, a new work schedule, a new workout routine, a new eat what I can diet??
“I’m going through Changes…” how did Eminem know about this?? Lol

Our tour guide for these 100 days suggests lists to achieve small goals, each easy and attainable to make us feel IMPROVED! And reviewing relationships(often scary), but necessary!!!

How have i progressed??
I have come to love and need Cascadian Farms Honey Nut Os…my small goal was to keep a lil bowl by my bed to eat 1st thing to prevent nausea and allow me to prepare for a lil walk, run or yoga ses each am…WIN! Ok, enough with the preggo…

This progress we are supposed to surround ourselves in it!!! Look at those ya are closest to…do they help move ya forward?? Encourage ya? Improve themselves??
If yes…Great…make sure ya do the same for them!

If not, really evaluate what that relationship adds to your world?!
Just because we leave people behind…doesn’t make us selfish…makes us survivors! 

Spend today setting 2 small goals with action steps(otherwise just a wish) to surround yourself with progress!

I’d love to hear how it goes for each of ya! After all y’all are the progress I chose to be around!


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