Day 3…Build Self Confidence…to improve your world!

Today I must start with SHOUT OUTS! I really have the BEST Friends! This has been a rough few weeks and without all of y’all I might not of made it!

Patzi and Aline thanks for feeding me when I am able to eat…and for letting me vent! Claudia thanks for inspiring me to walk on the mill when I want to cry because I can’t run! Jessica P…seriously no words…your love and support has been SAVING GRACE! And Tasha if not for you my dear…I’d just be lying here feeling bored…thanks for reminding me to be who I am today!!! Really all my friends and my amazing lil sis have helped me keep my sanity and confidence over the last few weeks!
Self Confidence(Self Love) is an essential part of a happy healthy life.
It seems for most of us it is easy to compliment others. To see the amazing qualities of a teacher, mentor or friend…but to live an improved life we must cheer ourselves on in this same way.
Here are 10 great tips for building better Self Worth!

So today give yourself a well done, a great job and keep up the good work…I’m sure it is deserved in one way or another.
Look for the positives, and feel pride just for being u!

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